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Our strength is in developing Point of care –Rapid Diagnostic Tests which can be performed in Physicians chamber or at Patient bedside for spot Diagnosis.
Immunoassays:  Tests for the detection of Immunological substances like Antigens and Antibodies in the Blood and other body fluids which may indicate the presence of and stage of diseased condition for Diagnosis, Prognosis and Monitoring of Infections and Diseases.
Molecular assays: Detection of Genetic substance of the Infectious organisms in the Blood. E.g. Polymerase Chain reaction (PCR). These tests facilitate early detection and Diagnosis.
Micro organisms and Virology: Study of Microbes or Micro organism by various methods such as staining and the use of culture media, in the Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases.
Bilateral Research Collaborations with Global Biotech and Pharma companies under public and private partnerships.
CMO-Contract Manufacturing for Rapid Tests, Elisa tests, Biomarkers, Diagnostics for Veterinary and Food & Liquid Pathogens. Blood group reagents PCR and Molecular Diagnostics
Purification of antigens & antibodies.
Production of recombinant antigens & polyclonal antibodies.
OEM-for complete range of Diagnostics and Blood group reagents.
CRO-Joint Collaborative research in developing new parameters and Multiple Diagnostics.
Clinical trials for new Drug targets, Drug Discovery, Diagnostics & Vaccines.
Developing new platforms in Medical Diagnostics (IVD) for Healthcare applications with focus on Molecular  Diagnostics and  Pharmacogenomics. Upgradation of Elisa to Rapid format.
Developing Multiple Diagnostics in one parameter. (HIV, HCV and other Antigen based kits).
Cost effective Quality Diagnostics for Health care applications.
Non-invasive samples for patients comfort ( Saliva ,Urine, Breast milk).
Research study on HIV Co-Infections.
Mobile Screening vans (Lab on wheels)provided with  Audio, Visual  facility for awareness and education forHIV/ AIDS , CANCER and other Tropical and Infectious Diseases.
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